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Do you have a dream of becoming a renowned writer? Do you have a story to tell or have a book living inside of you? We here at Publishers and Writers believe every story is worth sharing. Our team of accomplished and well-versed ghostwriters can help you make your dreams a reality. Our ghostwriting services are designed to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals by honing your idea and delivering it to perfection.


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We have a vast array of services available.
catering to all your needs under one roof.


Carefully chosen words to breath Life into a raw idea. Our ghostwriters bring your vision into a written format.

Cover Designing

People do judge a book by its cover Let our book designers create a visual That represents your thoughts.


How would people know about your Masterpiece unless it is published? We have you covered.

Book Marketing

Bringing your book into the spotlight and Marketing it to your audience to achieve Maximum sales.

Website Design

An author needs a website that is their virtual abode. This gives you maximum reach and is a platform for you to interact with your audience.

Video Book Trailer

If you are not someone who would want to create a lot of video content, you can go for a video trailer.

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achieve your dream of
becoming an author

Becoming an author has never this probable

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We Cover Genres on a Wide Spectrum.

Publishers and Writers are here to help flourish your ideas into a medium of your choice.
No matter the subject matter or the genre of your vision, we have writers who have done it all.


Fiction is widely read and enjoyed by a fair percentage of avid readers. It allows users imagination to run free, Filling them with intriguing perspectives. Our writers help you develop your own unique ideas detailed to perfection.


There is a wide range of sub-genres in Non-fiction. It doesn’t matter what sort of story you want us to write, we can do it all. Just tell your writer what sort of world you want to create in your story and see our writers deliver the best.


Biographies are prevalent genres of books. They are usually written to help the reader connect with the subject of the book. The key to writing good biographies lie in minor details that most might miss out on, but we never do.


Informative writing usually consists of in-depth research and analysis of a particular topic. Our in-house team of researchers write accurate and up-to-date information on your chosen topic.


Autobiographies compel a reader to be inspired by your story. If you have your experiences to share, and your stories to share to the world, go for it. We help you write an autobiography that is impactful and one that leaves a long lasting impression.


A memoir relies on a person’s memory rather than a piece of accurate statistical information. It is based on a person’s distant memory or an event that deeply impacted their life.


We are not just a ghostwriting company; we are the comprehensive support system you need! We do it all from scratch and help you with all the ghostwriting services that attract your audience to you. We make sure that you make the best out of your projects without worrying too much! Here are some of the benefits we offer

Affordable 01

Our rates are reasonable according to your project requirement.

Profitability 02

We make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Strategic Planning 03

We help you plan out a strategy to help you achieve the goal you set in mind.

Privacy 04

We respect our client’s privacy which is why we sign off a NDA at the end to ease your mind.

Qualified Experts 05

Our team of writers have 15+ decades of accumulative experience in this industry.

Authentic Research 06

Content is free of plagiarism and produced with high-end research.

Deadline 07

We know how important time is for our clients so we deliver our content at the given time, never later.

Content Creation 08

Authenticity is maintained to avoid all trademarks and copyright issues.

We Work At Your Pace

Our 4 step structure to your journey to be an successful author is customized to your needs and schedule. Be a writer at your own pace and at your leisure.

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02 Outline

After consultation and discussing your idea, We present you an outline of the book to give you an overview Of what the final product may look like.

03 First

Once we have moved from giving you an outline We start working on a first draft of the book To give you a better understanding of the direction we are heading in.

04 Revision
& finalization

Once the writing process is complete And approved by you We work on revising And finalizing your book.

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Making your Dreams
of becoming an author into
reality with 85% OFF!

Making your Dreams of becoming an author into reality with 85% OFF!
Your brainstorming can be the next plot for your best-selling book
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